E43: What Is This Thing?

E43: What Is This Thing?
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  • rebreakable boards- Martial arts boards in varying colors and difficulties for practicing kicks, swings, and punches; Perfect for Tae Kwon Do or Karate student looking to practice and prepare for breaking pine boards
  • varying difficulties- These boards come in four colors, corresponding to different skill levels and difficulties; The yellow board is the easiest, and is a good starting rebreakable board for children, while black is equivalent to breaking a 1 pine board and is the most difficult of the four options
  • rebreakable karate boards- When learning the martial arts, one can spend hundreds on pine boards for kicking or striking, in addition to trouble with discarding broken pine board pieces; Instead, these rebreakable boards can be used time and again, to increase your strength and striking ability affordably and efficiently
  • martial arts practice- Practice with increasing difficulty on these pine board replacement targets; Additionally, these boards replace the need for pine boards, saving you time, money, and hassle; They’re also a lot of fun for the amateur martial arts enthusiast, or aspiring young kicker
  • quality guaranteed- All our American Heritage products come with a no questions asked money back guarantee; If you have any issues with your product, reach out to our friendly, American based customer service team and we will gladly help rectify the situation, provide advice or usage tips, or simply talk chop (pun intended) with you
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