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Electric Skateboard by I-Wonder

Electric Skateboard by I-Wonder
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Elastic Panel: A panel of four layers of bamboo and high strength glass fiber, which can bear the maximum weight of 120kg. The flexible battery at the bottom of the panel gives you a better driving experience.
Riding Modes: 25km per charge depending on riding mode and Three Riding Modes:Top speed in Advanced Mode(40km/h),Top speed in Cruise Mode(20km/h),Top speed in Beginner Mode(18km/h) Both the novice and the professional skateboarder can be easily controlled.

Remote Control: It is equipped with 2.4G Hz wireless remote control to allow you to switch taxiing speed freely. Professional brake systems make driving more easily controlled. The remote control has LED power indicator, the longest standby time of one month.
Single-Dual Motor Switchable: The scooter can be driven by Single-Dual Motor switchable, allowing you to switch freely between cruise and passion. The belt drive system magnifies the torque of the motor by a factor of three, giving it a stronger braking effect and faster acceleration.
Battery Performance: LG18650 large capacity lithium battery guarantee the ultra long cruise of 25km.Featured with the USB charging function, you can recharge your electronic equipment anytime and anywhere.

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