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Elephant Night Camera Strap

Elephant Night Camera Strap
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The world’s most fashionable camera strap – the colorful patterns make any shoulder look stylish.
The extremely comfortable strap with a soft neoprene underside is just as suitable for heavy DSLR cameras as it is for smaller system or micro 4/3 cameras. The nylon loops that attach the strap to the camera are approx. 1 cm in breadth with a quick lock system.

This system lets you change the strap in a matter of seconds or allows you to turn your strap into a wrist loop (by attaching both ends with each other). Do not worry about the durability, as these clasps have been proven to bear weights of up to 40kg.

The ends of the camera strap are made of genuine leather. This fashionable camera accessory brings color into the otherwise drab world of photography supplies.

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