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English Skittles Lawn Bowling

English Skittles Lawn Bowling
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Classic lawn bowling or traditional English skittles can both be played with this beautifully crafted solid hardwood game. The set contains 10 hardwood skittles or pins that are 9″ tall and 3″ wide and 3 solid hardwood balls that measure 3.25″ in diameter. Play is simple, just arrange the skittles in either a triangle or diamond pattern and then 1 player tosses all 3 balls at the pins to knock them over. Or you can try a game of Pickleball.

If the player gets all the pins down before using all 3 of his balls then the pins are set back up. This means a max of 30 points per player is possible if the player knocks all 10 pins down with each ball. You can play either a set number of rounds like bowling, or you can play to a set score in order to win. Fun for the entire family and plays well indoors or outside.

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