G-Train K9 Backpack

G-Train K9 Backpack
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Going for hikes is a refreshing activity for body and mind. But it is especially better if you take a furry companion with you like a pup! For this you have the G-Train K9 Backpack.

However, the terrains for pups can be quite unfriendly for your little friend and many a times. You would be forced to keep the pup at home while you go on your hike. It is never a good experience to leave that lovable creature back at home( I know I never do! 🙂 ).

With the G-Train K9 Backpack, you can enjoy your hikes with your pup joining you as well.

The backpack has been designed to help hikers carry their pups along with them as it has a chamber where the pup will be comfortable and snug while giving you company. To make sure your pup doesn’t sctatch your backpack you can always use this Safari Nail Trimmer.

The distinct features of the G-Train K9 Backpack are:

  1. The inside of the backpack is equipped with swivel tether latches for your pup’s harness. This ensures that the pup stays in its place and does not fall out of the backpack.
  2. The bottom of the backpack is made of armosole which is waterproof. The bag is also stain-resistant which makes it easy to wipe off any stains.
  3. The backpack is padded to give your pup extra comfort and it also has zipper compartments where you can store your belongings.
  4. The pads in the bag are removable and are machine-washable.

The backpack is water-resistant and stain-resistant.

The compartment for your pup is padded so that it is comfortable for your furry friend.

It has also plenty of compartments with zipper where you can carry and organize your belongings such as your water-bottle, lunch for you and your friend.

Lifetime warranty comes along with the bag. Well, if it chews it like my pup does, it won’t have a very long life!

Unfortunately you can’t carry two pups or a large pup in this bag.

The G-Train K9 Backpack can help you do the thing you love with the one you love at the same time. Never miss out the opportunity of watching the sun rise during the early morning or watch the birds chirping with your pup as this could give you an opportunity for serious bonding.

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