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Globe Terrarium

Globe Terrarium
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Designed specifically as a terrarium for ferns, moss, succulents and aquatic plants, the Globe is a suspended glass globe available in both 12″ and 8″ diameters. The design of the Globe creates a unique viewing perspective of your plants, often providing intense magnification or complete disappearance, depending on your position around the Globe. The 12″ size is capable of holding 4 gallons of water and is suspended on an incredibly strong, 1/16″ steel cable. Once your Globe arrives, simply plant as you would a standard terrarium or aquatic plant tank, slide the lid in place and hang from a suitable support.

Features include:

Option of 12″ or 8″ glass globe
1/16″ steel cable
360 degree view
Please note Globe does not come with any plants or soil. Planting it is half the fun!

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