Grace Embroidery Font 1 1 1.5 2 2.5

Grace Embroidery Font 1  1 1.5 2 2.5
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Also available in larger sizes! We love these beautiful script letters! Perfect for adding names to clothing, bedding, home decor, accessories and so much more! We offer tons of options across all 6 Grace Sets for customizing your projects with these beautiful letters including Grace frames and accents! Sizes: 1″, 1.5″, 2?, 2.5″, 3?, 4? Included: Uppercase Letters, Lowercase Letters, Alternate Lowercase Letters Stitch Type: Satin Stitch Sample Dimensions: (2.11″w x 1.01″h)(3.17″w x 1.51″h)(4.21″w x 2.01″h)(5.28″w x 2.52″h)(6.3″w x 2.99″h)(8.43″w x 4.02″h) Sample Stitch Count: 1069, 1636, 2138, 2697, 3295, 4339 Sample Dimensions & Stitch Count based on the capital a. grace sizing & additional information Sizing for all Grace Sets is based on the height of the capital a in the Grace 1 Monogram Set (this set). All Grace sets are from the same parent font. Each set can be used on its own or letters can be combined and interchanged with every Grace Set. All 2″ letters are sizes to work together. Grace 1 has some of the largest letters in all of the Grace Sets. The Uppercase Letters are unique to this set. The Plain Lowercase Letters may be shared with another Grace set. The Alternate Lowercase Letters are unique to this set. If you have a 44 hoop limitation, Grace 3 & 5 may be better options for you due to letter size. Capital letter sizes vary according to the swashes/swirls offered by the font designer. Please see the additional images to view the letters included. Actual letter sizes will vary. 2″ refers to the height of the capital a in this set. See images for size comparisons. Some of the letters may be significantly smaller or larger than 2″ based on the swashes/swirls. For bx format, a text file is included with information on which keys to use for the alternate letters. Dropbox Link to pdf of the Grace Monogram Sets Image Comparison:

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