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Hidden Flask Tie

Hidden Flask Tie
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This is a tie you will definitely love to wear! The FlaskTieTM is a fashion statement of thirst quenching proportions. Have you ever been parched while in a hurry to get to your next meeting and don’t have time to grab a drink? With FlaskTieTM you can quench your thirst while on-the-go, arriving at your meeting hydrated and ready to nail that presentation and seal the deal.

Each FlaskTieTM comes equipped with a TieBladderTM holding approximately 6 fluid ounces for your drinking pleasure. Located at the end of the back slip is the TieBiteTM Valve mouthpiece offering Hands-Free Hydration with ease of use, simply bite and sip! Self-seals after each drink to eliminate annoying drips and embarrassing stains. With various designs to choose from the FlaskTieTM is your chose for both fashion and hydration.

The FlaskTieTM is the worlds most covert flask, specially designed to go unnoticed hidden inside your patented FlasktieTM drinks holder tie. What appears to be your standard work tie is also a flask designed to hold your favorite drink. Simply fill the fat part of the tie with your favorite poison and when you want a sneaky drink you just take the slim end and suck from the nozzle inside the bottom.

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