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Hiero Band. Speak 100+ languages from just your wrist

Hiero Band. Speak 100+ languages from just your wrist
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No batteries needed, no user manual required. No language will be a barrier to what you need while traveling around the world.

What is it?

The Hiero Band is a band of beautiful stones and metal universal icons that transmit a message. 11 essential universial icons that are understood by the world we travel.

Who are we?

We a small start up company looking to break the walls of communication between the human race. Since the caveman days, humans have communicated through hieroglyphics, which is how we got our name of the “Hiero Band”


As we travel we use devices, books, or the hope of others to understand us to get what we usually need. The Hiero Band are for the moments when your phone is dead, books aren’t around and nobody can understand you. the icons are as follows: Money, Travel, Phone, Medical, Water, Bike, Food, Bus, Bathroom, bed/shelter, Gas.

Driving cross country in the desert of the middle east and run out of gas? Or you need water? Your hiking in Napal and don’t feel good and need to find the nearest hospital? Or you’re traveling in the jungles of south America and need to find shelter? And finally you find yourself anywhere in the world and you need to go to the bathroom. With the Hiero Band it can help you with the purpose to be able to point and clearly display the correct message to who you are communicating with, without the problem of miscommunication.

The Band

Each band comes with pure 100% stone beads, White, Turqpoise and Natural wood color. With the icons engraved in durable zinc alloy metal that is good on the skin and doesn’t weigh you down without giving up strength in the material.

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