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Hoku Table Lamp

Hoku Table Lamp
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Designed by Italian brand LimeLab, Hoku is a unique table lamp that blends style, innovation and efficiency. Hoku is the LED lamp that brings natural light to your desk. Hoku is designed by young Italian designer Andrea Carisi, who shapes the artistic soul of LimeLab and is its everyday inspiration. His life is spent merging aesthetic pleasure with everyday design of mansions, fashion boutiques, caravan and cafs.

The slender, elegant shape of this table lamp is inspired by futuristic shapes and by traditional Japanese art at the same time. Manufactured by Italian brand LimeLab, Hoku is perfectly suitable for any home or work space, because it ideally blends functionality and aesthetics, usability and beauty. A LED light source ensures the best light emission and the utmost efficiency, allowing you to save up to 50% as compared to traditional lighting bulbs. Not only pretty then, but also energy-saving, clever and sustainable.

The chosen material is steel, curved using a traditional craft technique that makes it stable and crushproof over time. A special finish protects metal from oxydation or rust, keeping its beauty intact for many years to come. This beautiful designer table lamp by LimeLab is on sale online in an array of attractive colours, so that you can be sure to find the one that best suits the style and personality of your interiors. From minimalist white to subdued light grey, up to rich Persian blue or brown – there is a Hoku for every taste and every space. Why not use Hoku by LimeLab as a wonderful, truly unique gift idea? Pick your favourite colour and impress your loved ones!

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