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Cupmen Instant Noodle Figure Set

Cupmen Instant Noodle Figure Set
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This is one of those fun, cool products that only Japan can make. From designer Akira Mabuchi, the Cupmen fits snugly onto the lid of your pot of instant noodles. Not only does he keep the flap closed while the noodles are heating up, he also changes color to white as the temperature of the paper rises, letting you know three minutes have elapsed. Waiting for your noodles to be ready has never been so fun!

This set of three features Cupmen in different colors so you can vary your mealtime every day, and they also hang neatly onto shelves for ease of storage.

The Cupmen Instant Noodle Figure Set features:
Three instant noodle lid figures
Colors: red, blue, orange (colors may vary slightly from images)
Size (each): 56 (W)× 50 (D) × 46mm (H) (2.2 x 2 x 1.8″)

Weight (each): 12g
Material: silicone
Wash only in mild detergent
Keep out of direct sunlight
Do not place Cupmen near flames

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