Horizontal Shoe Rack

Horizontal Shoe Rack
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Convert your footwear assortment into a stylish artwork with the Horizontal Shoe Rack. This wall-attached shoe rack gives the impression that shoes are floating above the ground. And serves as a useful addition to any residence or apartment that has inadequate storage space.

Trendy and contemporary design

This contemporary and trendy shoe rack is a smart shoe storage solution and a piece of modern wall artwork in one.

The shoe organizer can hold your sneakers, pumps, sandals, and boots, which appears to be floating in the air(it is quite interesting if you ask me).

This floating shoe shelf not only looks stylish, but also keeps your footwear off the floor and out of your way.

Horizontal Shoe Rack is a space saver

This top-quality horizontal shoe rack saves a lot of space in your home. It keeps your entrances, halls, wardrobes, and passages organized and clutter-free.

The slim design can easily be mounted behind a hallway door or close to a passageway bench or pile it up high in a walk-in closet or cabinet.

Pile two footwear racks on top of the other for extra shoe storage and save further space. The horizontal metal shoe shelf acts as a great entrance space saver.

Organizing your footwear is made more convenient with the Horizontal Shoe Rack.

Keep your floors and room free of clutter!

Now walk into your entrance and store your shoes on this floating shoe rack that will keep your home clutter-free!

The 48-inch (1200 mm x 140 mm x 90 mm) stainless steel shoe rack is lightweight (2kg) and can hold up to seven pairs of shoes.

The Horizontal Shoe Rack is easy to install. Use the three screws and follow the instructions provided in the packaging and fasten it to the wall.

This shoe rack can be your best friend if you are struggling with space. It is compact and can fit almost everywhere. You no longer need to worry about the pile of shoes on your floor.

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