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HP IP400 Intelligent Projector

HP IP400 Intelligent Projector
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An Ensemble featuring Infinite Possibilities.
The cutting-edge intelligent projector empowers you to customize and configure your device to match your unique lifestyle. You can stack and unstack each module together, or use them individually, allowing you to only carry what you need. With the full capability of Windows 10®, it is perfect for the Road Warrior and Digital Nomad both for work and play.

Product overview
• A perfect unison every time: The intuitive design allows for quick arrangement by stacking and unstacking your component blocks via magnetic pogo pin connection. Resulting in a true DIY experience for your productivity and entertainment needs.
• Productivity maximized: The tablet is powered by Windows 10®, with superior computing performance that provides on-the-go office capabilities. The multi-touch display is responsive and smooth or for those who prefer something a little more tactile, just plug your favorite keyboard and mouse into the USB port.

• A screen larger than life: Featuring a high-contrast optical engine powered by Texas Instruments DLP® LED technology, you can project a screen size of up to 120 inches (305 cm) at up to 400 lumens to enjoy an HD viewing experience with cinema like familiarity. With auto-keystone technology, it adjusts the picture on the fly for a perfect display every time.
• A full suite of connectivity: Connect your devices hassle-free with wireless and wired options such as HDMI, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, full size USB and micro USB ports. The microSD card slot further enhances storage convenience.

• Go the distance: The formidable high capacity power bank can store up to 13,200 mAH. Allowing for 120 minutes of continuous projection on a single charge. It can also be used separately as a charging source for your mobile devices, so you can focus on the important things and not the nearest power outlet.

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