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iBlue Immobilizer Smart Car Security

iBlue Immobilizer Smart Car Security
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Every year thousands of vehicles are stolen. Protect yourself against thieves by using the iBlue Immobilizer. It’s as simple and clever as that!
The iBlue Immobilizer itself is a small black box that is connected to the vehicle control system, which disables the ignition.
To use the iBlue Immobilizer you will need to download the free application, which can also be used easily with multiple vehicles.

Invisible protection
Unlike a normal immobilizer, it has no visible or hidden switches nor keypads.

All platforms
The software required to control your iBlue Immobilizer is also available on iOS, Android and Windows platform.

Secure Technology
The iBlue Immobilizer uses a Bluetooth Smart connection which is extremely complicated to detect.

Swiss company
Innovative iBlue products, carefully developed and designed for the Swiss iBlue AG.

Unlimited use
The iBlue Immobilizer application can be operated with several vehicles using different phones.

Hands-free mode
iOS-based devices make it possible to enable the vehicle to start without taking your phone out of your pocket.
With the iBlue Gate Opener, your gate and garage doors can be opened using your smartphone. No need of several remote controls in your cars and for your family members. Just imagine using your smartphone with the installed iBlue application and you get all the convenience with it.

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