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iSurvived: Your device’s last defense against water damage

iSurvived: Your device’s last defense against water damage
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i-survived: Emergency water recovery pack

i-survived is a specially formulated nanotechnology product that is specifically designed to absorb liquid from mobile devices that have been accidentally exposed to liquid damage.

How i-survived works

i-survived secret technology attracts water particles that are trapped in your device. Nanoparticles gently attract the moisture in the air and then trap it by converting it into a gel so there is zero chance of it being release back into the phone. i-survived does this in such a rapid rate compared to anything on the market and highly increases the chance of survival.

With i-survived your chances of reviving your phone from liquid damage greatly improve and in as little as 12 hours your device can be back in perfect working order!

Imagine that, nothing comes close to to i-survived. No liquid no mess just cut the bag, drop in your phone and seal, sit back and let our super powered nano powders get to work.

Why nanotechnology?

Steve Ashley has a passion for the wonderful abilities of nanotechnology and started Nanostate in 2011 with the dream of making nanotech accessible to everyone.

“I created i-survived because I knew there was a better solution to reviving a water soaked device than rice and I want to make it accessible to everyone.” – Steve Ashley – Inventor & CEO Nanostate UK

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