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Jelly Grip Car Vent Mount

Jelly Grip Car Vent Mount
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Square Jellyfish Jelly Grip Car Vent Mount

The Jelly Grip Car Vent Mount uses patented design to tightly clamp onto a non-curved car vent. Unlike any other mount on the market, the Jelly Grip mount uses a clamping action to firmly hold the mount to the vent. The combination of the metal hook and screw form a clamp that will not let go after you tighten the knob. The pivot joint allows you to position the phone at any angle or orientation. The spring mount claws can accommodate Smartphone screens up to 6″ in diagonal. With a simple turn of the ball joint release knob, the pivot ball becomes free to attach your Garmin GPS with 17 mm ball joint socket. Here is a more compact phone mount.

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