Jersey Match – A Game You Play While Watching Sports

Jersey Match – A Game You Play While Watching Sports
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We make card/board games that 2-6 people play while watching live sports. Our mission is to connect groups of people with live sports.

Jersey Match is a 2-6 player board game that is played while watching live sports. The objective of the game is to use your playing cards to match the jersey numbers of athletes in the sporting event.

The main way to create a “Jersey Match” is to have cards that equal the jersey of the athlete who scores. For example, let’s say you are playing the football edition and #17 scores a touchdown… if you have the cards “1” and “7” you have created a “Jersey Match” and you win the tokens for that round.

Gameplay includes an option to fantasy draft the cards, betting on specific plays where you think you can create a “Jersey Match,” trading cards with other players, and specialty cards that influence the round.

We are offering five editions of the game – Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, and Ice Hockey. We are also offering each sport as an expansion pack. You can transfer the game pieces from any edition to use with the expansion packs (i.e. Football Edition + Baseball Expansion Pack). If you want to play Jersey Match with up to 12 people, you may combine the same sport edition + expansion pack (i.e. Football Edition + Football Expansion Pack). If you don’t see a combination of editions and expansion packs that align with your favorite sports to watch, you can use add-ons to create your order.

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