Kepler LED Ceiling Lamp

Kepler LED Ceiling Lamp
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Kepler is a minimalist LED infinity style pendant lamp designed by Cohda for British brand Innermost.

This stunning LED lamp is named after Johannes Kepler, the German mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer who discovered the Supernova.

The shape and style of this striking luminaire is reminiscent of black holes and portals from science fiction. COHDA have used highly innovative materials for this design, multiplying single LEDs over a large thin surface to widely refract the light and give the illusion of infinity. The fine material, which has been likened to hosiery from the fashion industry, creates a fascinating effect, like a kaleidoscope of light rays.

The unit is adjustable at installation with 350 degrees of movement around the X axis and 360 on the Y, meaning any position is possible. The unit can then be locked into place to maintain the configuration and position.

While Kepler is unique and intriguing as a standalone piece, layering the transparent units creates a dazzling effect when they are grouped.

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