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Kids Egg Helmets by EGG

Kids Egg Helmets by EGG
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The EGG helmet is without doubt the most flexible helmet ever!

Once you have the naked helmet, you can start changing skins and add-ons at wish.

This speedy Skin is named after Nino Farina, the legendary Italian race driver known for being the first ever Formula One world champion.

Endlessly customizable due to the elastic skins and soft rubber Add-ons

Whether you want to bike, ski, skate, surf or any other gravity sport: EGG is the only helmet you need. It is universal as it complies with all European safety standards for multiple sports. You are good to go on the street, snow and water.

Flexible Adaptive Sandwich Technology. A patented layered construction composed of an ABS outer shell, a flexible EPP safety core, and an EVA comfort core. This combination makes EGG the first flexible helmet to feature a sandwich construction, which means better fitting, more comfortable and ultimately safer for a broad range of head shapes.

This material features the ideal combination of strength and toughness yet maintaining flexibility. The outer shell is future-ready as it has all the necessary perforations for attaching all current and upcoming Add-Ons.

Expanded Polypropylene has excellent shock absorbing capabilities, has a high rebounding speed after impact, and it is extremely light weight. Furthermore, EPP does not absorb moisture which makes it hygienic and suitable for water sports.

This material is popular in many medical applications as it is supremely comfortable, pleasant to the touch and anti-bacterial. It is also waterproof making it hygienic and suitable for water sports.

An old school retro shape that covers the ears and upper neck for ultimate protection across a wide variety of sports.

The inflatable liner and integrated air-pump gives the helmet an ultimate and adaptable fit for any head shape without pressure points. The pump is conveniently integrated into the side of the outer shell and is easily operated with one finger for both inflation and deflation.

The integrated One-Touch Lock and chin strap side-fastening system is pinch-free, and can easily be operated with one hand, even while wearing gloves. Additionally, the lock is suitable for right-handed or left-handed operation as it fastens to either side of the helmet.

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