Kintsugi Omnipotence

Kintsugi  Omnipotence
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Reflection of Dark Matter size: Height – 6.3 cm Diameter – 11.8 cm included: Every ceramic includes a beautiful a4 poster card about the story of kintsugi and how its use to inspire others It will be wrapped with a high quality soft fabric, the colours of the fabric will be blended light and matt gold a sentimental gift for those who follow their hearts We care about you, every order is tailored to your design, you can message us to also put a message on your a4 Poster card the ceramics we use: Stoneware & porcelain ceramics, a traditional Japanese style. Our ceramics are from a small village in Japan that has been doing this work for hundreds of years. Most of all the ceramics have a wabi-sabi effect that has been made by the craftsman, the designs are either hand painted with a brush or made into a crackle or natural glaze. These crafts were use for Japanese ceremonies most of the inspiration were created or greatly influenced by enslaved Korean potters kintsugi process: We always try to find the best way to achieve gold restoration, and have tried over 30 different methods. Currently we use a fusion of Japanese & western technique restore the ceramic, our methods has changed massively over the past years. The idea of using past techniques and new ones is where we create the most innovative kintsugi designs.

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