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Kumonosu Adhesive Spiderweb

Kumonosu Adhesive Spiderweb
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In Japanese “kumonosu” means “spider’s web” so it’s no surpise that this awesome Kumonisu Adhesive Spider Web resembles the home of the world’s most famous creepy-crawlie. Put these on your window and then affix postcards, photos, memos, notes, receipts, tickets… and other important bits of paper.

This set of two come in different colors and will mean you can have a great collection of items stuck to your windows, both amusing and frightening friends in equal measure!But this isn’t just a bit of Halloween fun or some sort of gimmick to decorate a kid’s room. It really does have a practical function as well as the truly original visual idea.

Set of blue and white “spiderweb” sheets
Paper size: 164 x 164mm (6.5 x 6.5″)
Designed by Keiichiro Yamada

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