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Peeking Birds Shower Curtain Hooks

Peeking Birds Shower Curtain Hooks
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Would you mind sparrows and doves taking a peek at you behind your shower curtain? Of course, not. You would love to have some birds around to play with, wouldn’t you? You would mind it if they flew away and refused your solicitations. Birds are like that, flighty and uncontrollable. But sooooooo cute. Well, we’ve gone and perched a few on your shower curtain hooks. Peeking birds we call them. And we promise they won’t take off and fly away as you approach. On the contrary, they will give you company in your shower, reduce your sense of solitude and even though they don’t chirp you can talk to them as much as you wish. It’s kind of, well, original.

Peeking birds shower curtain hooks
Material : Polypropylene
Birds that won’t desert you when you need them the most
Size (cm): 10.5 x 5.5 x 2.5

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