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Lamp/Lamp by Hironao Tsuboi

Lamp/Lamp by Hironao Tsuboi
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The light looks like an industrial accident, a siamese twin of a light made by mistake.
However, once the bulb is plugged in, you can see its visual trickery.
The light, when plugged into a pendant, looks as if it will fall off its base any moment.
It makes the light into a more delicate, almost temporal, object.
The secret of this bulb is, it has two bayonet caps. You can use one bayonet cap, the other is just an ornament. Or you can go with this multi functional lamp which doubles as a shelf.

Product Features
Designer: Hironao Tsuboi
Material: glass
Size: approx. W97 x D81 x H60mm / approx. W3.8 x D3.1 x H2.36″
Wattage: 30W-E26/E27
Voltage: 100V, 230V
Weight: approx. 55g / 1.94oz.
Life Time: 1,500 hours, about 1.5 times that of a normal light bulb
Made in: Japan
Only one side lights up
Instructions manual in Japanese only

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