LANNISTER LION Game of Thrones Free Digital Mask

LANNISTER LION  Game of Thrones  Free Digital Mask
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Wintercroft and Game of Thrones bring you the official collaboration. Are you a regal ravenous Lion; a strong and stoic Stark; a terrifyingly beautiful Targaryen or a marching malevolent White Walker? In the Game of Thrones survival is the only prize worth fighting for. Wear the mark of your House or race and let everyone know where you stand in the fortuitously perilous world of Westeros. a Lannister always pays their debts, and what better way to pay tribute to the mighty rulers of Casterly Rock than to build a beautifully-terrifying, wall-mountable (and wearable) Lannister Lion Mask. Stride through the crimson fields of victory radiating the pride of the Golden Lion as the blood of the Andal Adventurers courses through your veins. Bask in the golden reign of the Great House as you, Warden of the West, administer unyielding dominance over friends and foes alike. To bend the knee is death. To don the head of the Golden Lion is life. Long live the House of Lannister. Wintercroft and Game of Thrones command you. The Lannister Lion book contains illustrated, press out parts ready to assemble into a mask and would make a perfect Halloween, birthday or Christmas gift. You will also receive a unique Voucher Code for one free digital mask with every book purchased through our shop. As with all our Press-Out Mask Books, all the components included within are scored, beautifully-decorated and ready to press out for construction. All you need to start building is some tape or glue, the included headband allows you to easily attach the Mask to a human head – whether freshly-severed or still attached to a body. In addition, your included optional wall mount enables you to proudly show your allegiance to your house or horde. The new wall mounts are lightweight and can be fixed to a wall easily with a nail or whatever is handy. The slip case is removed to reveal a beautiful 28 page book, illustrated with original artwork and photography. 16 pages are printed on stiff card and contain the parts needed to make the mask. The remaining pages are printed on wood-free paper and contain photography, instructions and some extra bits and pieces. Contents: Beautifully-Embossed Slip case Twelve page instruction booklet Sixteen sheets of press out and build components to create your own 3d Trophy Sigil Mask and Wall Mount One voucher code for a free digital mask On top of the amazing book content we will give you one free digital mask of your choice with each book purchased through our shop. Included with your book that we post to you will be the code that you need to access your free Digital Mask.

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