Magnetic Capsule Holder

Magnetic Capsule Holder
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One Capsule Holder – will hold 14 capsules for you to fill at your will! i use unstained untreated pine. The capsule holder now comes with a strong earth magnet installed on the back so that you can hang it any where you like! This holder will hold the longer half of a 00 size empty vegetable capsule. Fill up to 14 capsules at a time for a weeks worth of supplements. This also depends on how many you take a day. i do not make up more than 14 at a time, so that i use them up before they start to melt. i have not had any melt on me yet!!! i have made up several holders, some are larger than others – all will hold at least 14 capsules. They are 2 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ x 3/4″ tall. Again this is untreated unstained pine. Safe for use with your capsules. i can make them bigger or hold more capsules if you need, message me and ask for a quote.

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