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Magnetic Shoe Closures by Zubits

Magnetic Shoe Closures by Zubits
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Zubits magnetic closures are the fastest and easiest way to get in and out of shoes. No more tying laces, double knots, laces coming undone, or floppy bows! Just lace Zubits onto your own shoes and re-use them on all your future shoes too.

Zubits Benefits
Step into a wide open shoe.
Close with a click.
Run, jump, play sports.

Step on heel to pop out hands-free.
Keep the laces that match your shoes.
Never tie laces, knots, pick at knots, or have shoelaces come undone again.
Re-use on new shoes. Our magnets never lose their strength.

Magnetic Shoe Closures by ZubitsCheck price on Amazon.com ►
Check price on Amazon.com

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