Make Your Own Unicorn Macarons Kit

Make Your Own Unicorn Macarons Kit
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Macarons are the cutest and most fiddly baked goods to perfect. There’s so much that could go wrong, unless you’re under the watchful gaze of a wise French patissier. Or in possession of one of these idiot-proof little kits, of course. Inside, you’ll find almost everything you need to whip up a batch of unicorn macarons. Every single ingredient apart from the egg and butter is included in the exact quantity you need, so there’s no fiddly measuring to waste time on. You can get stuck into baking as soon as you open the kit. Also included are the piping bags to help them take shape, some enchanted multi-coloured sprinkles, and enough special pink glitter icing to frost a horse. Or a unicorn, if you save some to cover the horn.

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