Marvis Toothpaste Luxury Black Box Collection

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DescriptionThe Black Box collection contains travel-sized versions of all seven Marvis Toothpaste flavors in a deluxe matte black gift box, tied with a Marvis ribbon. It can be a great gift.marvis toothpaste is specially formulated in Italy to refresh, invigorate, and leave you with the cleanest feeling possible after brushing. Each of the seven varieties is fresh and long-lasting, with its distinctive flavor and packaging. Marvis combines classic style with minty freshness in their range of Italian tubes of toothpaste: classic strong mint, whitening mint, jasmine mint, Amarelli licorice, aquatic mint, cinnamon mint, and ginger mint.the kit includes 7 Marvis tubes of toothpaste 25ml | 1.3oz each.flavors CollectionMarvis Classic Strong Mint Toothpaste 85ml + Xylitol offers an intense sensation. Marvis Whitening Mint Toothpaste 85ml + Xylitol has been fortified with fluoride to brighten your smile. Marvis Amarelli Liquorice Mint Toothpaste 85ml + Xylitol is bittersweet and satisfying for those who don’t like a tingle. With a hint of floral and herbal notes, Marvis Jasmin Mint Toothpaste 85ml + Xylitol has natural antiseptic properties. Marvis Ginger Mint Toothpaste 85ml + Xylitol is an effective anti-inflammatory that will soothe irritated gums. Sweet and spicy Marvis Cinnamon Mint Toothpaste 85ml + Xylitol will kick start your morning routine. Marvis Aquatic Mint Toothpaste 85ml + Xylitol has been formulated to recall a refreshing sea breeze.instructions for usesqueeze a pea-size amount onto your toothbrush.add water, brush and rinse.brush twice a day for at least two minutes each time.use in conjunction with Mouthwash Concentrate.Use a soft-bristled Marvis toothbrush.replace your toothbrush every 2-3 months.

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