Minecraft Creeper Light

Minecraft Creeper Light
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They say you should keep your friends close and your enemies even closer – with that in mind is there a greater bedside lamp than the Minecraft Creeper Light? We don’t know its “luminance” in precise Minecraft terms but this pixel-perfect lamp emits a gentle green glow and is probably just bright enough to stop other nocturnal monsters from spawning nearby. It makes the signature *ssssSSSSS boom!* Creeper sound effect when you turn it off and on – just what you want before bedtime! It’s battery-powered too so you can take it on midnight toilet trips and light up your nether regions. Creepers may be evil in the Minecraft universe but this lil’ guy is trying his best in the real world – he’s made from eco-friendly Breakdown Plastic so he won’t be terrorising landfill sites.

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