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Moxi Roller Skates

Moxi Roller Skates
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Moxi Strawberry Pink Suede Outdoor Skates with Moxi Gummy Pink Wheels made by Riedell – These pink suede high top roller skates can be used for indoor or outdoor skating. They come with Moxi Gummy Pink wheels and an adjustable toe stop.

Moxi Lolly Strawberry Skates are a mid-range lifestyle skate, designed for recreation and street skating. The soft leather boot breaks in quickly with minimal discomfort and forms to your foot more than less expensive synthetic skate boots.

SPECIAL SIZING INSTRUCTIONS – Moxi Lolly Skates run ONE FULL SHOE SIZES SMALLER THAN YOUR SHOE SIZE!! What about half sizes you may ask? Well, Moxi skates only come in full sizes. So, take your shoe size, follow the directions, and round up or down to the nearest whole size depending on your fit preference.

Skates should fit snug at first and will conform to your foot as time goes on. Keep in mind that everyone is different, you know how you like your shoes to fit ie. loose or snug, and should take that into consideration when purchasing your skates.

Boots – Strawberry Pink Suede High Top Leather Boot W/ Moxi Lining
Plates – Powerdyne Triton Metal Plate Off Set Toe Stop and Stabalizing Foot Plate
Wheels – Moxi Gummy Pink Indoor Outdoor Wheels
Bearings – Kwik ABEC-5 Bearings
Toe Stops – Adjustable Toe Stops

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