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TimeSmart Projection Clock

TimeSmart Projection Clock
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TimeSmart Self-Setting Projection Clock. See the time clearly on your wall or ceiling. Just plug in our self-setting projection clock and select your time zone. It automatically sets itself to the correct time–and thanks to its built-in projection feature, you won’t even have to move your head to see it!

Just open your eyes to view the time in large digits displayed on your wall or ceiling. Projector has focus adjustment to ensure a crystal-clear image and flips 180degrees to change the orientation of the image so you can see the time from any position in the room without moving the clock. A smart alarm clock loaded with user-friendly features.

The TimeSmart Self-Setting Projection Clock has dual crescendo alarms with snooze to wake you gradually and let you set two separate wake-up times. Fumble-free pop-up alarm buttons are easy to find first thing in the morning.

The easy-to-read display shows the time and has an adjustable backlight with five settings to choose from: High, Medium, Low, Dim or Off. TimeSmart clocks never need setting – or resetting. As with all of our TimeSmart clocks, the projection clock automatically sets the right time and resets after power outages or unplugging. It even remembers your alarm settings!

The extra long-life battery back-up system lasts five years, so the time will always be accurate, even through numerous power interruptions. Plus, the clock adjusts to six time zones, and auto-adjusts for Daylight Savings Time. See the time clearly on your wall or ceiling with our TimeSmart Self-Setting Projection Clock. Order from Brookstone today!

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