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My Way Folding Scooter

My Way Folding Scooter
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The Leader in Electric Mobility
Jetson products have been custom built with both style and stamina, with an understanding that your lifestyle is just as much about your life as it is your style. See, we understood that professionals need to be on time and look good. That students need to save cash and keep looking cool. That it’s not hip to be hanging out at a gas station filling up your tank and emptying out your bank account.

Meet the Jetson MyWay
It’s fun and easy on your wallet. The Jetson MyWay is an extremely efficient and easy to use mode of transportation. The fully folding, all electric stand up scooter fits entirely into a carrying bag for increased transporting ease.

The Future of Electric Mobility
It’s the most convenient, affordable and exciting electronic scooter to hit the streets. With a Jetson MyWay you can beat the traffic or take a shortcut. No gas required. Just charge the battery, hop on and ride. With an easy to control thumb throttle you can reach speeds of 15-18 miles per hour. The Jetson MyWay Lithium Ion battery fully charges in 4 hours or less and will travel an efficient 15-20 miles per charge.

Protect your Jetson MyWay
The MyWay carrying bag makes it easy to transport once you have reached your destination. The Jetson MyWay easily compacts and fits nicely into the carrying bag allowing you to carry it into work or class with ease. It also adds a layer of protection.

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