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Nervi Table by Tonelli Design

Nervi Table by Tonelli Design
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Nervi Dining Table is an aesthetically powerful exhibition of pure modern design and hi-tech innovation. Designed by Giulio Mancini for Tonelli and manufactured in Italy, Nervi Dining Table is a sculpture with functional intent, offering a striking allure with its geometric, all-glass construction.

With three rectangular sizes and a square version, Nervi Dining Table features an elaborate gluing method that joins the top and base of the table while maintaining an entirely transparent effect from every prospective. Nervi Dining Table is available in transparent, extra clear and smoked tempered glass and features a triangularly shaped, open-corner design detail that enhances its overall appeal.

Tonelli is an Italian manufacturer, specializing in glass application to products like dining and coffee tables, shelving and storage, mirrors and more. With close to 30 years in the industry, Tonelli’s products are a result of close collaboration between world renounced designers and Tonelli’s state of the art, high-tech manufacturing.

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