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Parco Della Wireless Speaker

Parco Della Wireless Speaker
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Parco della Musica is a limited edition portable, wireless speaker housed in an authentic Roman Sanpietrino in basalt stone.
Made with a symbol of Rome’s beauty, this speaker is a must-have for true fans of the Eternal City.
Each piece comes with a serial number.
Official Product of Roma Capitale
Designer: Alfredo Visca

Material: basalt
Dimensions: L. 13.5 x H. 11.5 cm, weight 2.5 kg
Use with any bluetooth device to send music up to 10 meters, comes with an internal USB-charged battery and a cable to connect directly to the speaker.

Limited Edition
About Aeterna Design: Original Sanpietrini stones from Rome’s iconic streets have become lamps and other home accessories that pay homage to the beauty of the Eternal City. In collaboration with the creative agency Madeingenesi Pietro Causati has created Aeterna, a project based on original abat-jour, bookends, piggy banks and other certified Official Products of Roma Capitale made from original basalt stones once used to pave the capital’s streets.

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