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Hundreds of millions of greetings cards are sent every year in the uk. Our favourites might sit on a shelf gathering dust or get shoved in a draw and forgotten about, but plenty of them go straight in the bin. Recycling a card is one thing, but what if you could eradicate the waste completely and give something back to the planet? What if you could plant the cards? ?? You can see where we’re going with this… Meet our new range of Plantable Cards! They’re eco-friendly cards embedded with wildflower daisy seeds, so when the party’s over you can just tear the card into small pieces and pop it in some soil. Give it plenty of water, find it a nice sunny spot and eventually, the seeds will germinate and bloom into magnificent wildflowers. Don’t worry, we’ve included easy-to-follow instructions to make sure your flowers flourish. Birthdays, new homes, thank yous, or ‘just because’ – there are three designs to choose from, each printed with plant-based punnery to suit all sorts of occasions: You’re Growing On Me Time To Grow Up! You’re Bloomin’ Amazing Our favourite bit? Every single part of the card is biodegradable: the kraft envelope, the sticker, even the cellophane bag! Couldn’t be greener if it tried. Go on, treat someone (and the planet) to a Plantable Card.

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