Polaroid Camera SX-70 Rainbow OneStep Film Tested Working

Polaroid Camera SX-70 Rainbow OneStep  Film Tested Working
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This is an awesome camera that i have cleaned up and tested. It is in excellent working condition. i have tested it with older Color sx-70 Polaroid Originals Film. Camera front is an off white color with the rainbow down the center, which is still in excellent condition. The rest of the body is mostly black, with a shoulder strap coming out of the back. i have cleaned up the camera and lens with rubbing alcohol and a whole lot of Q-tips and cotton balls. The outside has a few scratches especially on the bottom, but the inside is good and there does not seem to be anything that is majorly rusted. i have inspected and cleaned the rollers and moving parts in the camera. This camera still comes with the view finder. Many older Polaroids have long lost it, but this one is still intact! i have taken some photos with this camera and they are pretty great!

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