PREMIUM KING Leather 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 sq ft Soft Full grain

PREMIUM KING Leather 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 sq ft Soft Full grain
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When leather is cut off the end of a hide, we do just that, cut it off the hide. It will likely be odd shaped. The piece you receive may have a flaw or a hole (usually close to an edge) however, most of the hide will be nice leather and very usable. These discounted hides are best used for craft projects. The whole piece is not recommended for making purses or bags, unless you are cutting up the hide in pieces If you are requiring a certain dimension or something without flaws, you will need to ask for a custom cut. Our King and Bomber King line is our Premium leather with multipurpose uses. a favorite crafting leather for those who want a high-quality soft leather. Natural soft finish, not embossed, not imprinted with natural tumbled look Drum Dyed Full Grain, naturally pebbled appearance and very soft 3-3.5oz/1.2-1.4 mm thick Has some stretch and is durable 1 piece of any color Colors available in our king line Marbled Reddish Brown e2881-15 Rich purple e2881-14 Oak Tan e2881-13 White e2881-12 Light palomino Rich Honey Tan e2881-11 Old Gold e2881-10 Dark Chocolate e2881-09 Chocolate Brown e2881-08 Black e2881-07 Bone e2881-06 soft pink e2881-05 Gray e2881-04 Red e2881-03 Deep olive Drab Green / Khaki e2881-02 Catalina navy Blue e2881-01 Kelly green e2881-27 teal blue e2881-26 Angel aqua e2881-24 royal / Cobalt Blue e2881-22 Terra Cotta / Adobe e2881-21 Buttercup Yellow e2881-20 French mauve e2881-25 Persimmon Orange e2881-18 Bomber Hazelnut Brown and Rust Marbled e2882-03 Bomber Bay Brown e2882-05 Bomber Sandy Brown (marbled) e2882-06 Bomber Caramel Camel (marbled) e2882-01 Bomber King gunmetal e2882-07 Bomber Charcoal Slate (marbled) e2882-04 Bomber Cherry Wine (marbled) e2882-02 Backside is a suede of the same color that is not always pretty, some pieces might have a stamp or fleshings other marks on them. Please visit our webpage: We purchase and stock quality hides questions? Monday thru Friday 7am-2:30pm pst 1-253-627-2656 Evenings/weekends only 1-360-825-2283 email us: Leather [!at] like us: visit us: Instagram: #PeggySueAlso a division of North Star Glove Co., Tacoma, wa usa, family owned and operated union American Company since 1910!

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