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Pro Lean Longboard

Pro Lean Longboard
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The PRO LEAN board is engineered for cruising and long distance pushes. Whether it’s a cross country trip or a short ride to your friend’s house, this is your magic carpet ride. The PRO LEAN board is good for anyone. This longboard is ower to the ground making it lit for cruising and carving and also provides better handling and stability, giving you more confidence to make those quick sharp turns. This board has a symmetrical shape so you can ride it either direction. The board is also stiffer with little bit of flex due to production using several plies of maple wood. The wheels are almost TWICE as big as standard longboard wheels, allowing you to go faster and more easily over any terrain, providing a smoother ride without compromising ground clearance.

Length: Bamboo 38″ (965 mm) Maple 34.5″ (876 mm)
Width: 11.5″ (293 mm)
Wheelbase: 34″ (863.6 mm)
Wheels: 4″ (101 mm)

BlueWheels + Black Inner – 76A durometer (For cruise)
GrayWheels + Green Inner – 78A durometer (For slide)
Axle Length: 11.5″ (292.1 mm)
Construction: 7 Plywood Maple
Concave: Radial Taco Concave
Flex: Medium

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