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RearViz Slim Line Mirror

RearViz Slim Line Mirror
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The RearViz SL-15 is the Slim Line edition of the RearViz Mirror. Whether you’re dodging busy traffic commuting to work or riding in a group, the RearViz mirror gives cyclists a virtual pair of eyes on the back of their heads. The Slim Line RearViz is lightweight and half the size of the Sports and Classic styles, making it suitable for riders with slimmer arms. Although it can be worn by all cyclists, we suggest this style for riders who prefer to mount the RearViz on their wrist or riders who simply prefer something a bit smaller. The Slim Line RearViz also comes with a Universal (one size fits all) Armband, making it a perfect fit any sized arm.

Key benefits of the Sports edition:
Perfect for smaller arms!
Universal Armband
Non-Flexible, Slim Housing
Blister Packaging

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