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Recolte Quilt Hearts Toasted Sandwich Maker

Recolte Quilt Hearts Toasted Sandwich Maker
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SPEEDY ◆ about 3 minutes quickly Burning golden brown! ● After turning on the power and preheating for a few minutes, just bake with white bread and favorite ingredients. ● Because it is a fixed type Plate excellent in heat conduction, it quickly bakes up in a short time. ● It’s a delicious taste that can not be done with replacement Plate! ★ CRISPY ◆ Crisp and grilled eyes to Crust! ● “Press Sand Maker Quilt” is a one-sheet grilled size that fits perfectly to White Bread’s Crust. ● Crust is crispy and deliciously baked up to Crust. ● The grilled eyes are quilt patterns and just put it on the plate ♪ cute finish

★ ADJUSTABLE ◆ Thick step ingredients are also OK with three levels of Handle Lock! ● Handle Lock can be adjusted in 3 stages, so you can bake ingredients from thin to voluminous ones sandwiching what you like. ※ ● Please be careful with something with a lot of juice. ★ VARIETY ◆ Baguette and English Muffins too! Enjoy with various breads ● White Bread to suit your taste from thin to thick. ● If you cut 4 sheets, you can set one piece as it is to “Press Sand Maker Quilt” and just bake it to a delicious toast with firmly baked color on both sides. ● Not only White Bread but also arrange with various types of bread such as Baguette and English Muffins! ● Original Hot Sandwiches ♪ with your favorite bread and ingredients

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