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Retro White OneStep 2 Viewfinder i-Type Polaroid Camera

Retro White OneStep 2 Viewfinder i-Type Polaroid Camera
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Shake it like a Polaroid picture! Throw it back to the days of old school instant photography with the Polaroid OneStep 2 Viewfinder i-Type Camera. Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to put a unique spin on your work, or you’re simply wanting a fun way to remember your next vacation, you’ll have tons of fun using this classic retro white Polaroid — and because it develops film instantly, you can have your pictures in hand within minutes after taking them.

It’s got a high quality lens and a powerful flash to give you great photos every time, and this newly improved Viewfinder model makes framing your photos even more intuitive than before. Plus with its long-lasting rechargeable battery, you’ll always be ready to shoot!

This camera is compatible with i-Type film. i-Type film gives you get the best photos possible with your OneStep 2, as crisp, clear and colorful as every photo should be. But don’t try using it in a 600 camera or vintage Polaroid Original Camera – it won’t work, no matter how nicely you ask it to.


Self timer function
High-performance lithium ion battery (1100mAh) with 60 day battery life
Powerful flash
High-quality fixed optical grade lens: 2 ft. – infinity
Focal length: 106 mm
For use with i-Type film
Film not included

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