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Scout Paramotor

Scout Paramotor
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The world’s most advanced paramotor made out of carbon fiber and mandrel bent aluminum. The Scout Paramotor features dynamic torque compensation spars to cancel out engine and prop torque. The Scout also feature built in safe start technology keeping the pilot safer while handling the unit on the ground.
The Scout Carbon Paramotor comes standard with the safestart system and cage bags.

Get up close and personal with the Scout Paramotor. It’s ultra lightweight yet extremely strong, see why Carbon fiber makes the Scout stand out from the rest. Not just from its looks.
While we may fly one of the slowest forms of aviation, aerodynamics are still extremely important. Most of all of the advancements in aerodynamics have been to that cloth wing that keeps us in the air above us, leaving the paramotor neglected for years.

Carbon fiber has some of the best strength to weight ratio of any material currently used in the powered paragliding industry.
Carbon fiber gives us the ability to not be limited to tubes or other basic shapes typically used in the industry. It also allows us to create the most aerodynamically efficient cage sections with tons of strength.

Dynamic Torque Compensation (DTEC)
Safe Start System
Under Seat Reserve
Compact Design
Full Carbon Fiber Cage

Custom Harness load certified to 15G’s
Integrated water rescue provisions, flotation collar optional
Integrated underseat reserve container
Carbon Fiber Telescopic Stand

Aerodynamic polished carbon fiber cage
Aerodynamic carbon fiber cage spars featuring Dynamic Torque Compensation
Proprietary throttle adjustable for left or right handed pilots, custom carbon throttle or Chameleon throttle optional

Carbon Fiber back plate distributes weight upon impact
Custom fixed-pitch 132cm carbon fiber prop
Extreme portability with optional travel-ready case

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