Sea Breathe Electric Snorkel

Sea Breathe Electric Snorkel
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Get your dose of the sea with the Sea Breathe electric snorkel unit. Snorkeling is an ideal sport for people who love water and it is one of the most adventurous activities in the world.

Too bad, we are not equipped with gills like our ancestors. Otherwise, sea-lovers would spend all their time underneath the ocean surface and just watch the marine life in awe(I would definitely do this).

Traditional snorkeling needs a lot of practice and professional care. And to admit it, it is kind of scary if you don’t know what you are doing. But with the Sea Breathe Electric Snorkel, snorkeling just became a lot more fun.

It is a battery operated snorkeling unit, which can provide fresh oxygen to not one, but two people at once without any discomfort.

There is no age limit to who can use this unit as long as the person knows how to swim. So if you have been thinking of taking grandpa out for a vacation and an adventure with the whales, this unit gives you an opportunity to do so.

In brief, the Sea Breathe Electric Snorkel kit:

  • Is equipped with a harness which has a quick-release system. This gives you the chance the go snorkeling without any heavy oxygen tanks at your backs.
  • Can be used by two divers at once. It can be instantly switched to a single person mode which will also decrease the battery usage by 7 Amp.
  • Has a battery source is eco-friendly with minimum exhaust.

Since the electric snorkel kit has no need for large oxygen tanks, it keeps reef damage to a minimum. It is also eco-friendly in the sense that the battery has minimum exhaust(this is good for the nature!).

The unit can also be connected to an external battery source.

Even though the electric snorkel unit is designed for two people at a time, it is only safe to use at shallow waters, otherwise you risk running out of battery in deep waters.

In conclusion for a fun dive out in the ocean, the Sea Breathe Electric Snorkel kit is a gem. With this unit, you can expect a swim and a dive without the need for tanks for oxygen. It is also foolproof; all you have to make sure is that the batteries are charged before you dive into the waters.

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