SHUNGITE EMF 5G PROTECTION Genuine Shungite Standard Size

SHUNGITE EMF 5G PROTECTION Genuine Shungite Standard Size
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Genuine Shungite Rondelle Pre-Made Stretch Bracelet Rondelles measure 8.5mm All our Shungite is sourced out of Russia. One way to test Shungite is to test if it conducts electricity. Real Shungite will also have a presence of Pyrite, also known as Pyrite Veins. You may suspect fake Shungite (like the one in the video) when the stone is uniform in color like the last one tested here. This listing is for standard sized bracelets only, if you need custom i also have a custom listings available or feel free to send me a message. Please note these bracelets are pre-made, grade of Shungite is Type ii Black Shungite, which should feature visible pyrite inclusions. These pyrite or metallic inclusions are a clear sign of genuine Shungite. Quality varies, please do not expect beads to look uniform in color and shape. Custom bracelets which will feature handpicked beads are available for purchase under my custom sizing listings. Be sure to go to Lotus Metta Asana on Instagram to view an upcoming video of this bracelet and other Shungite jewelry! Fullerenes are powerful anti-oxidants, and their presence in this stone seems to be quite unique. Shungite is a powerful stone to shield you from the electromagnetic radiation given off by electrical equipment, including computers, mobile phones, microwaves and televisions.

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