Small Cuddle Cup Fleece Pet Bed Bearded Dragon Bed fleece

Small Cuddle Cup Fleece Pet Bed Bearded Dragon Bed fleece
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Our Smallest pet bed and a calming blanket! half size blanket and a smaller cup for a baby beardie– The blanket is recommended for calming, and the pet blanket can provide comforting, especially during car rides. Details: The blanket will measure approximately 9 by 9 inches in overall size. Approximate Dimensions of cuddle cup pet bed Diameter: 7 – 8″ across the bottom of the cushion Sides: 3 – 4″ tall ^^^^^^^? ? ?^^^^^? ? ?^^^^^^^^ Note: dessert colors only available in a female version–ask if interested. This cuddle cup is made of soft fleece. The inside is built up with a layer of batting in the sides to help keep its additional design feature of this small animal pet bed is a soft removable pillow filled with polyester batting for an extra plump pet bed. ^^^^^^^? ? ?^^^^^? ? ?^^^^^^^ Care: Machine safe. Machine wash cold, gentle cycle Air dry Do not iron, bleach, or dry clean ^^^^^^^? ? ?^^^^^? ? ?^^^^^^^ Our sewcat cuddle cup provides a cozy sleep spot ideal for hedgehogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other small animals Cage bed, Pet Carrier bed,hedgehog bed, Guinea pig bed, Rabbit Bedding, Small animal bed ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ See other great pet mat and pet carrier liner options here:

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