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Soapstone Griddle by Sparq

Soapstone Griddle by Sparq
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Sparq’s original soapstone griddle is not only attractive but also functional with numerous uses. handmade in the united states from 100-percent soapstone, sparq’s griddle/grill is double-sided and has a natural non-stick surface without the use of chemicals or coatings, significantly reducing cancer causing carcinogens.

cooking with soapstone is not only healthy but will also prevent food from drying out, giving you juicy meat and crisp vegetables every time. soapstone also allows for even heat distribution while cooking foods faster at a lower temperature and the smooth surface will not react to acids and alkalis. use your soapstone griddle indoors or outdoors with any heat source to cook fish, beef, poultry, vegetables and even pancakes.

it also works great as a baking sheet, pizza stone, bread warmer or hot plate and will stay hot for 2 hours. sparq’s original soapstone griddle is truly a product everyone should have for healthy grilling and cooking. dishwasher safe.

Infrared Cooking – cook like a professional chef, high heat locks in flavors
Uniform heat distribution – perfect cooking temperature every time
Resilient Material – Will not rust like other comparable metal based products
Non-Stick Grilling – patent pending groove design allows for self basting creating a non-stick surface
Durable & Long-Lasting – will not crack like granite or other cookware due to heat, rated up to 1200 degrees.

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