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SoloBike One Wheel eBike

SoloBike One Wheel eBike
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Introducing the SoloBike 1000 by SoloCraft.
Its self-balancing onboard computer and brushless hub motor make the SoloBike 1000 an exciting and challenging form of futuristic transportation.
The interchangeable inflatable tube tire’s provides a soft and smooth ride on and off the road.
32 Cell (Dual 60v Batteries) battery pack. 17 mile range at 18mph.


balance and move comfortably the safest way possible.

Please refer to this guide before you first step onto a Solocraft, for the easiest, fastest, and safest way to get comfortable maneuvering a Solocraft.


Solocraft has multiple safety features built into its products, including the SoloBike. Software prevents the rider from falling forward by pushing back when rider leans too far forward, warning tones alert the rider when they are approaching the limit. The app allows the rider (or parent of) to change the mode of the SoloBike to reduce speed and increase stability, or increase the speed of the SoloBike, but only with extreme caution.


Solocraft always recommends as much safety equipment needed for the activities involved with Solocraft products. Helmet, wrist pads, elbow pads, and knee pads are strongly recommended, especially when riding aggressively. Side training wheels, and front training wheel come included with every SoloBike. Installing these training wheels physically prevents the rider from tipping the SoloBike, although trailing wheels should be removed after rider feels more comfortable driving straight without side wheels contacting the ground.

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