Spreadable Rum

Spreadable Rum
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Arrrr! Avast, ye spread lovers. Thar be gold in this here pot. No, not the metal, the marmalade! And it’s full of rummy goodness. Each spoonful of this artisan marmalade is a sensual explosion of spiced rum in your mouth. Prepared with no artificial nasties, this new addition to our Spreadable family was made with juicy oranges, zesty lemons, two types of sugar, and the finest spiced rum known to man. And a secret mix of spices. What’s a bottle of (spreadable) rum if it’s not swathed in mystery? Spread it on your toast. Lovingly smother a slice of brioche in it. Pair it with a bagel for a jazzy breakfast. Make cocktails with it. Eat it straight out of the damn jar. With your fingers. Or your hook, if you’re a pirate.

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