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Steel Stand Clock

Steel Stand Clock
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Norm Steel Stand Clock is a light and simplistic clock with steel hands – designed by the Copenhagen-based simplicity lovers at Norm Architects. The bottom of the clock face is bent backwards as a base, so you can place the clock anywhere you like. The clocks are available in 4 different soft Scandinavian colors, some of them with matching colored hands, others with clean steel hands.

Designers Kasper Rønn & Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen: ”We strive for timelessness in our work. Tendencies come and go. Products should be durable not only because they are made from good materials – they should also be aesthetically durable in the sense that you can keep on looking at them and continue to find them interesting”.

Designer: Norm Architects
Dimensions: 7.9″w x 6.7″h x 1.8″d (mainly mechanism)
Powder-coated Steel

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