Summer Blue Raspberry Slushie with Charm Scented Jelly Slime

Summer Blue Raspberry Slushie with Charm  Scented Jelly Slime
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Nothing says summer more than a slushie!! i remember after being in the pool for a long day my mom used take me to a gas station and we both would get a huge slushie. There is nothing better than that, so with that being said i had to make a cherry and blue raspberry slushie in memory of those days, that thankfully they do still exist! This slime is supper soft, you will feel the icee texture in your hands, a bit wet because of the snow, but firm moldable and holdable. It’s scented blue raspberry, so yummy! Extra sweet ripened raspberries! It also comes with a nice drink charm. ? ?’note: 1 oz slime sample does not come with a charm? ?? Slime Sizes: 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, 6 oz and 8 oz. Summer Blue Raspberry texture: Soft, icee, moldable, holdable, stretchy, fizzy and poke-y. Enjoy hours of slime poking, stretching, pulling, squishing and making all kinds of slime sounds. You will feel relaxed and in a better mood after playing! ?? Perfect gift idea for anyone. This slime will not leave stains on hands, furniture or carpet. extras will be included with any slime purchase. You will get instructions, borax bag, coupon, and some candy to sweetened the deal! ?? Not recommended for kids under 3 years of age. ?? ?’ do not consume! ?’ ?? Watch my videos in Instagram: @Artistic.Slimez Check my listing for other types of slime i sell: ?’ Regular Slime ?’ Butter slime ?’ Thick and Glossy ?’ Fluffy slime ?’ Slushie Slime ?’ Clear slime ?’ Metallic slime ?’ Floam Slime ?’ Cloud Slime ?? Christmas edition coming out Nov 23rd ?? Slushie, Icee slime

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